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The Cambodian School Project - News

We are very happy to announce that the newly created Dohdal School Project
(meaning Grow Widely in Khmer) is now completed.

Click here to visit the school.

View the slideshow below for a current overview of the school.

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Dohdal School

Dohdal School

Approximately 300 children (120 children from Tuol Pongro) and the rest from surrounding villages will now have the opportunity to learn how to speak English. Also the school will be used as a community center for parents and groups. The rural children in this area will now have an opportunity to attend University in the city as English is the primary language used for teaching in post secondary institutions. The donors will be honored by having their names listed on a plaque that will hang next to the front door of the school. Many thanks to everyone who put forth their financial support. Your generosity has a meaning that lives on beyond you.

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